Tullens Fruit Farm
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Great British Apple Varieties

Great British Apple Varieties
Located in Pulborough, West Sussex, Tullens Fruit Farm was founded in the 1950s as one of the Country's first pick-your-own farms. Sadly, with changed buying habits, pick-your-own went out of fashion and the farm went into decline.
However since buying the farm in 2002 its new owners have planted several old varieties of apple tree with a view to reintroducing these to the buying public. Old favourites such as Ashmead Kernel and Laxtons Superb are available once more in addition to traditional apple varieties which were always grown such as Cox Orange Pippin, Worcester Pearmain and Bramley.

2017/18 SHOP OPENING will be as follows:-

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September 2017
Thursday 28th September to Saturday 30th September
Months of October and November Thursdays to Saturdays only

Month of December Tuesdays to Saturdays only

Ivor & Lynda Kiverstein

Apple Juice

Apple Juice Buy our delicious farm grown and prepared apple juice that comes in either of 6 delicious flavours including Bramley - Cox and Discovery. For sale in 1 litre bottles and absolutely healthy!

Apple Shop

Apple Shop Visit our Farm shop for a real taste of true British apples. Come with your kids and show them our prize winning Dorset Downs Sheep.
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